Private Life


Digital narcissism is a common phenomenon nowadays. Social networkers upload a lot of photos, bravely opening to unknown people a door into their private life. Who are those secret spectators who are given the opportunity to spy us over the Internet? How many of them are familiar to us in real life?

Who are all the rest?

Why are we so inhibited offline and so indiscreetly unfettered online?

We cannot even imagine how our photos can be used by other networkers.

For example, I've made a book.

All the photos included, were published by the doers, of their own free will and are included in so many “Crazy Funny Pics” collections that you can not even track the the original sources (for a list of sources, see page 162).

Of course, these photos are the extreme network exhibitionism. They are weird, frightening, funny. You wonder, why people do this odd stuff, and why they share it on Internet. Maybe the naked men with a watermelon are clerks from a cellular store next to your house? And how one could have an idea to make cabbage sleepers?

Maybe this book gets someone thinking about the line between private and public lives online.



Size: 150x150 мм

160 pages

Circulation: 10 copies, dummy edition


Curator: Olga Titova

Designer: Katya Sunnikova

Polako Publishing, 2017